Tuesday, November 29, 2016


It's time to #givealittle. Pay it forward this #GivingTuesday and be a blessing to someone else!

Our organization advocates for ex-offenders and their families post-conviction. We are based in Richmond, VA and work to make sure that returning citizens are successful in their transition back into society after their convictions. A huge part of that transition is the support that comes from family and the community around them. While so many people focus on the offender, we tend to forget about the kids they leave behind while serving their sentences. The expenses that come with phone calls, commissary and travel for visits tend to add stress to the budget of the caregiver of the kids left behind.

We hope to raise funds to help kids of incarcerated parents have a beautiful holiday, despite their parent or parents being away. It's always difficult to have your parents away but the holidays are a time to remember that some kids don't have both parents in the home to help their holiday season be bright!
The innocent ones who are affected most by incarceration deserve to be able to celebrate the season of giving just as much as any kid. I've personally experienced waking up on Christmas morning, when both of my parents were incarcerated, knowing my grandma couldn't afford the things that my parents used to be able to give me. Be a blessing to someone else. 

Every child deserves to smile for the holidays and your donation would mean the world to someone else's child! #GoBeyondGiving
Help spread the word!

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